Using the N95 as a Bluetooth Modem on OS X

I wanted to take full advantage of my T-Mobile Web ‘n Walk package on the move by using my shiny new N95 as a 3G BlueTooth Modem for my MacBook Pro. I had to hunt around for a few bits and pieces for this to work so thought I would Collate them here, both for when I need to re-find them, and for others that may also want use there N95 as a G3 modem.

  1. Download the Nokia 3G Modem Scripts from Ross Barkman’s Home Page the scripts that I used are listed as Scripts for Nokia 3G (EDGE/UMTS) phones and can be found here Nokia 3g modem scripts
  2. The download does include instructions on use in a read me but for completeness… Unpack the .sit file and copy or move the files named “Nokia 3G CID1″and “Nokia 3G CID2” to your “Library:Modem Scripts” folder on your MacBook Pro
  3. Next pair your device to your Mac. Make sure your N95 has bluetooth switched on, then in the System Preferences > Bluetooth panel select the devices tab, hit “Set Up New Device…”.
    Hit continue on the first information screen.
    Select that you are planning to pair to a Mobile Phone and continue, the search should begin
    Once you have your N95 showing up hit continue.
  4. Your Mac will look take a shor time to look for information on your N95’s bluetooth services and then ask you to enter a Passkey into the N95. You will then be shown the following screen.


  5. Ensure you select to “Access the Internet with your phones data connection. Also select the option to “Use a direct, higher speed connection to reach your Internet Service Provider (GPRS, 1xRTT)”. You will then be shown the following screen.


  6. I collected the user details again from Ross Barkman’s Home Page, he has a lot of information for other service providers but it took the information relevant to T-Mobile in the UK and the Web ‘n Walk Package I am using. I did try the “Nokia 3G CID2” modem script but had that did not seem to connect via the N95. Instead I use the “Nokia 3G CID1″modem script
  7. Once you have completed this step you should see a confirmation screen and a little phone icon appears in your status bar (assuming you asked for it to be displayed).


    When you want to use your N95 to connect simply click the little phone, select the connection you have just created and then click connect. You may need to authorise the use of the N95 on the device. If all has gone well when you connect and select “Open Internet Connect…” from the menu you should see something like this.


One thing I have noticed when using the N95 as a 3G modem is that images on the web seem to have an additional level of compression applied to them.

To make the whole connect seamless in future it you can set your MacBook Pro to be an Authorised Device on your N95. this is done in the “Tools > Bluetooth >Paired Devices” tab on the N95. Select your MacBook Pro and in the menu select “Set as authorised”. Now when you try and connect you will not be asked to allow the connection.

This is a minor thing that I have not worried about, how this extra compression would affect video streaming or VIOP I am unsure. If anyone knows what causes this then it would be great to know how to fix this….

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  1. Hiya,

    Great looking page… I’m just about to walk up the road and buy an N95 on T-mobile to do exactly what your post is about.

    It sounds like the compression is similar to something I experienced with both a Vodafone and Orange 3G PCMCIA card in a PC. I can’t remember what its called but it did annoy me slightly and there was no way to turn it off except by using my corporate VPN which defeated the system. I seem to remember that you could up the image quality on any given image with a key press. When I get my new phone working hopefully I’ll investigate.

    The Gadget Doctor

  2. So it works for you?

    It worked fine for my N80 but this is what I get with my N95

    I recently upgraded from an N80 to N95 and I had a setup on my Mac where the Mac would use my N80 using GPRS as a bluetooth model. For some reason this same setup isn’t working with my newly acquired N95

    All I see is

    Tue Apr 24 08:31:41 2007 : Failed to open /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem: Resource busy
    Tue Apr 24 08:32:53 2007 : Nokia 3G CID1
    Tue Apr 24 08:33:03 2007 : Connect script failed
    Tue Apr 24 08:33:34 2007 : Hangup (SIGHUP)
    Tue Apr 24 08:33:34 2007 : tcsetattr: Interrupted system call
    Tue Apr 24 08:33:49 2007 : Hangup (SIGHUP)
    Tue Apr 24 08:33:59 2007 : Nokia 3G CID1
    Tue Apr 24 08:34:09 2007 : Connect script failed
    Tue Apr 24 08:35:04 2007 : Hangup (SIGHUP)
    Tue Apr 24 08:35:04 2007 : tcsetattr: Interrupted system call
    Tue Apr 24 08:35:34 2007 : Hangup (SIGHUP)
    Tue Apr 24 08:35:46 2007 : Nokia 3G CID1
    Tue Apr 24 08:35:56 2007 : Connect script failed
    Tue Apr 24 08:38:33 2007 : Hangup (SIGHUP)
    Tue Apr 24 08:38:33 2007 : tcsetattr: Interrupted system call
    Tue Apr 24 08:38:47 2007 : Terminating on signal 15.

    and the system.log shows like this

    Apr 28 10:14:10 audrey configd[38]: setting hostname to “audrey.local”
    Apr 28 10:14:10 audrey pppd[366]: Connection terminated.
    Apr 28 10:14:10 audrey ccl[376]: CCLWrite : +++
    Apr 28 10:14:13 audrey ccl[376]: CCLWrite : ATH\13
    Apr 28 10:14:15 audrey ccl[376]: CCLMatched : NO CARRIER\13\10
    Apr 28 10:14:15 audrey ccl[376]: CCLWrite : AT&F\13
    Apr 28 10:14:15 audrey ccl[376]: CCLMatched : OK\13\10
    Apr 28 10:14:38 audrey pppd[386]: pppd 2.4.2 (Apple version 233-13) started by r
    oot, uid 501
    Apr 28 10:14:43 audrey pppd[386]: Failed to open /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem: Resour
    ce busy
    Apr 28 10:15:52 audrey pppd[393]: pppd 2.4.2 (Apple version 233-13) started by r
    oot, uid 501
    Apr 28 10:15:56 audrey kernel[0]: ttyiossb00000a: mctl RS232_S_OUTPUTS failed e0
    Apr 28 10:15:56 audrey ccl[394]: Nokia 3G CID1
    Apr 28 10:15:59 audrey kernel[0]: ttyiossb00000a: mctl RS232_S_OUTPUTS failed e0
    Apr 28 10:15:59 audrey kernel[0]: ttyiossb00000a: mctl RS232_S_OUTPUTS failed e0
    Apr 28 10:16:02 audrey kernel[0]: ttyiossb00000a: mctl RS232_S_OUTPUTS failed e0
    Apr 28 10:16:03 audrey kernel[0]: ttyiossb00000a: mctl RS232_S_OUTPUTS failed e0
    Apr 28 10:16:06 audrey pppd[393]: Connect script failed
    Apr 28 10:16:06 audrey kernel[0]: ttyiossb00000a: mctl RS232_S_OUTPUTS failed e0

  3. Every now and then I’ve found I can’t reconnect to my phone, it starts to connect, then says disconnecting.

    I have fixed it by switching off bluetooth on both phone and laptop and then switching them on again, phone first.

    Give it a try!

  4. Works like a dream on Virginmobile.
    username: user
    CID string:
    – leave the password blank –
    even though on your N95 it looks like 4 stars.
    I called them at virginmobile for this (er, blank) password finally got it out of them after they repeatedly told me what I was attempting was impossible! He did tell me that it was 0.5p per Kb in Europe too! so I will be trying to pick up my mail on “Movistar” or “amena” network this Summer Holiday. Aren’t Mac’s great, who needs Nokia PC suite when you can do stuff like this. Thank you Sir and thank you Ross Barkman.

  5. I have an N95 that I wanted to use with my Powerbook running 10.4.9. I am on Dutch T-Mobile GPRS. At first this HOWTO didn’t work for me. It made contact with my phone vai PPP but never came past “authenticating user”.

    Kept trying though with alternative settings. This is what finally did it for me:

    * Under tab “Bluetooth Modem” I used the modem script Nokia 3G CID1, which I installed as explained here.
    * Under tab “PPP” the only thing I filled in are: service provider “tmobile” and telephone number “internet”. So no *99#, no, or anything. Just internet.

    * Dunno whether this is really needed, but I also turned off “enable error correction” & “wait for dial tone”. And turned off “send PPP echo packets” & Use TCP header compression” under “PPP Options” under tab PPP

    Downloading speed at > 100KB is pretty neat (considering a €9,50/month flatfee):

    macmichiel:~ michiel$ curl -O
    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
    0 139M 0 897k 0 0 67272 0 0:36:07 0:00:13 0:35:54 112k

    If the above settings didn’t do it for you, I hope this does!

  6. Great truly great stuff! works fantastic with t-mobile over here in the netherlands…. internet guest guest, and whoppa! connected! very very fantastic. tx for this great article and tx Ross

  7. Hi,

    I too am interested in purchasing the n95 via T-mobile with this Web ‘n’ Walk package.

    Question, there are 2 types of Web ‘n’ Walk packages –

    Web ‘n’ Walk Plus (which allows your n95 to be used as a modem).
    Web ‘n’ Walk (unlimited internet access on your mobile, n95).

    Can you tell me which one you have? I don’t quite see the point of having to pay the extra GBP5 for the Plus, if there are ways around it..

  8. @ET
    On T-Mobile the difference in the WnW max is that you have access to VIOP protocol from the N95 as well i believe. However with something like Fring you may not need VIOP. It just uses your data package to connect to SIP/Skype instead. Also the WnW max offers 10Gigs of data, should be more than enough for even the most heavy usage users.

  9. Hey thanks for the tip:

    Here are the settings that work for me on vodafone Australia 3G.

    Username: guest
    Password: guest

    Using the Nokia 3G CID1 Modem Script above.

  10. dose anybody know if there is any other handset’s that you can make into a Bluetooth Modem on OS X

  11. Thank you very, very much indeed for your brilliant work in finding out how to do this. Agter earching and searching for how to accomplish this feat, I found your instructions and it worked first time.

    I really wanted to take the time to let you know that you’ve made me very happy indeed.

  12. Hi

    Thanks for the guide, and the link to Ross’ superb mobile script page.

    Got everything working with my N95, both over USB and Bluetooth. The only thing I can complain about is the speed. My network supports Super3G (3,6Mbit) and I have that coverage where I live, still the speed tops at 0,9Mbit… I guess it might have something to do with the a bit old modem script, but I am not sure. What kind of speeds have you others achieved? I wrote to Ross about this and hope to get an answer soon.

    Best regards

  13. a lot of nokia handsets work as bluetooth modems, as well as some motorola models.

    however i am on the US T-mobile, and I am still having trouble with the N95 connecting. i have read and tried all of the above. any one know of any US specific settings i need? i have used a nokia 6280 previously to do this and it worked.

  14. Lachlan,

    Thank you so much for your information, if only vodafone tech’s were as knowledgable on the subject as yourself. I spent half an hour on the phone to them to be given the totally wrong information, I was advised to use my mac os username and admin password to login. haha

    Anyways, working perfectly on vfau 🙂


  15. To use the bluetooth option modem you can use the AU cdma bluetooth adapter script from the modem list.Works fine on my N95.

  16. Works great, but for some reason I always have to re-pair the N95 with my MacBook Pro. This happens althoug it has been set as autorised. It seems to forget the pairing …

    Anybody any idea?

  17. Works great thanks, but even better on Leopard.

    You don’t need the scripts, just the apn, dns and user/pass details from the linked site. Nokia modems are supported properly in 10.5 🙂

  18. Thanks for the page, I just set my N95 and my new MacBook Pro up on T-Mobile USA! Worked great. I didn’t see about Leopard until the end, but still things worked. The only difference I saw was that there was there was no “direct, higher speed” option.

  19. Anyone had any success in 10.5? The set up screens aren’t the same, so you can’t specify a script. I have a Samsung D900, and can’t find a specific script anyway, although have Ross’ generic script.

    Can’t get past authentication stage – tends to say “can’t negotiate a connect with PPP server”.



    generally, I don’t get any further

  20. thx a ton… i finally did it with my N95 and macbook..
    but can i connect it via USB cable? thx b4…

  21. Hi Pete, I had the same problem in 10.5 but fixed it by going to Sys Prefs / Network / Bluetooth / Advanced / Modem tab and selecting Vendor ‘Other’ option which allowed me to specify the exact modem script i wanted.

  22. Worked first time with my Powerbook G4. Remarkable. Thanks a lot!!

    N95 is pretty remarkable. Anyone know how to make it cook the dinner?

  23. Anyone have the user info codes for 3 in Australia.

    CID string:

    Lachlan, where did you get them from for vodafone?

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