Shots of the Spots pt.2

Friday and Saturday bought a third new break, this again a beach break right in the centre of a huge stretch of beach. There were two peaks that we went out into.

First was to the left of the rocks dead bang opposite where we pitched up in the 4×4. This was the more forgiving of the peaks with a good mix of left and right breakers. We only surfed here for the morning of Friday as the tides came in.

After lunch on Friday and all of Saturday was spent on the right of the rocks, in a much stronger and hollowed wave. Friday afternoon brought some of my best waves in small clean barrelling waves.

By Saturday I was a broken man, both from the surf, but mostly from the excesses of the Friday night barbecue. Mother Nature did a fine job of letting me know I was in no fit state for the growing swell on the Saturday.