Something Cheeesay This Way Comes

Many moons ago, when flash was still young, and this user was in University. Well some days at any rate. I owned a domain. That domain was the focus of a lot of time and frustration. But it was my bit of the net, and I loved it.

During all the kafuffle of the Dot.Com boom I moved flat a couple of times and some where along the line I missed the renewal window on that domain. As a result a nasty search engine swooped down and snuck my domain away from me.

Ten Years on I have that domain back. Evidently the hits I was getting back then, for my flash tutorials, Generator ranting and general young pompish flash behaviour, had died to a trickle of the former glory and so my domain was no longer the prime real estate that search engines like.

And now some how that domain name seems even more appropriate.

Ten years on, let the cheese flow strong.

‘Cos we’re going back.

Back to the OLDSKOOLFLASH !!