Surf From Da Rica!!

After surfing for a few days in Tamarindo, where the waves were small & clean (about 3-4ft, maybe slightly larger on the biggest sets) we headed away as the swell started to die. We made the fun, fun drive down the coast to Nosara along some creatively named �un-paved� roads.

Our little 4�4 seemed to hold up although it has developed a rather annoying rattle in the passenger side door. Quite what rattles in a door that has electric windows and central locking is still a mystery?

We Arrived at Nosara and managed to squeeze in 2 wonderful sessions in the waves, Naomi ventured into some of the largest waves I�ve seen her on, and was charging headlong onto the face when ever the horridly light Bic would let her onto the waves against the off shore winds.

And for my part i bagged 2 of the finest waves of my life, tacking a drop into the back side breaks all the way till the close out. Perfect.

On our last day in Nosara we took some well earned R&R at the hotel on the Hill, Lagarta Lodge. This place had a View that will remain with us for the rest of our lives to be sure. Looking out across an unspoilt Forest Reserve that runs straight up to the Beach, protected as a nesting beach for turtles and home to what would seem to be an endless supply of perfect waves with nary a surfer on them.

The Most Perfect Waves i Have ever Seen...Period.