PortableApps.com launches

While I am waiting to pick up a decent Lappy to work from I have been making use of my PSP as possibly the most expensive 1Gb USB Drive Available. This has allowed me a temporary backup drive for my development work and also the client work i have been involved in.

Also it has provided a nice method for me to take some core applications with me where ever I go. These include, image viewers, code editors, email, ftp, and document viewers.

Now most of these applications can be found in one handy place instead of requiring visits to a number of places scattered all over the net.

check them out here

One thought on “PortableApps.com launches”

  1. Hey m8,

    Has the PSP browser (assuming you’ve gone to the latest Jp firmware) got Flash player capability yet? (My PSP is bust right now, new screen required.. sob sob)

    I tell you what would be super ace, a Flash based I-Tunes control that can be browsed to on the PSP using it as an uber-cool remote control…….

    Macca \m/

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