Windows XP on an Intel Mac

I must confess the release of the new MacBook Pro really did quite excite me. The possible idea of having the best of both worlds on one machine was just too much. I wan one I really really want one, and as a died in the wall PC/windoze user I never thought I would here myself saying that about a MAC.

It seems however that some people have made false promises in there quest to get said equipment :D. Apparently their desire extends so much that they have convinced employers that this Dual boot of Macintosh OSX and Windows XP is already here and possible.

As a result we have the following contest available with cash prizes, and no doubt the admiration of all computer users everywhere, be they Windows, Mac, or Linux users. And of course a place in computer history.

In addition the site also allows you to make donations to the cause and this in turn adds to the prize money.


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