Useful FireFox Extension Combo

I don’t think a single day goes by when something about FireFox amazes me. Today though I hit on a note worthy combination of extensions that bring an end to frequent emails and cross office journeys.

I have been an avid user of MozImage for some time, this allow me a quick and easy way to view common images formats without the over head of running a more complex Application such as Adobe’s PhotoShop, FireWorks or ImageReady (when you read it like that you have to wonder if any company needs 3 apps to do the same(ish) job…….).

Likewise I have always been a user of the wonderfully simple yet effective ColorZilla extension for grabbing the colour detail of items in the Mozilla Interface.

Then today I stumbled upon a third extension to add to my image/design related quiver. MeasureIt. This simple extension adds itself to the status bar and provides a simple way to draw rulered selections on the on screen display within FireFox.

Now I can view those site mock ups and glean a large portion of the information i need to implement them with barely a moments interruption of the designer or travelling the length of the office to find out the target sizes etc. of layout elements.


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