Of creative suites, nasty sweets, and beer.

Last night was the Adobe Creative suite Launch party. Now I’m not sure i will ever get to use the product itself, is not really my bag, if you follow. But the Suite did look… Brown, now I’m not sure if that was a skin, or a design decision. I’m not saying it was a good or bad thing, but as a non user it’s what stuck out most. So what else can I tell you from the evening?

Firstly the venue. An interesting choice. Too Too Much is what the invite said, closer inspection to the sign above the entrance hall revealed this was in fact the old Raymond Revue Bar. A world famous ‘cabaret’ bar in the heart of Soho. And the décor was suitably lavish………

There was plenty of free beer, a smattering of free food, and much talk of work, flash, cash machines and the ‘classic’ tunes that were played.

Some classic quotes that stick out for me in no particular order with a definite, ‘you had to be there’ bent.

‘This is a feature that I’m really excited about.’ – The delivery was perfection.
‘Excuse me, I will need to put my drink down to show you this next bit, it needs three hands to do.’ – A possible weakness in some areas of UI design?
‘I can’t use my bank account to pay for my travel tickets, but on the upside they have guaranteed me my own cash (atm) machine.’ – A good reason to move to the Alliance and Leicester business banking I think Tink.

And finally a snippet straight from an Adobe mouth.

Adobe Mouth: ‘Flash and Dreamweaver are great products, there definitely safe…..’
Me: ‘I notice you didn’t mention Fireworks or Freehand….. Are they safe?’
Adobe Mouth : ‘Is this off the record?’

You Aint sin me Roight.

There was so much more I’m sure. A great evening, thanks out to Adobe.

And now the phots, they are a little random.
The Venue

The Decor

The Decor cont.

The 'Creative Sweets'

Welcome to Soho Sailor

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One thought on “Of creative suites, nasty sweets, and beer.”

  1. one of my personal favorite quotes of the evening was:
    “Agency Creative. It was an oxymoron. They were neither creative nor……did…they………know what they were doing”.
    Well they got the moron right anyway – lol

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