Welcome to the Cribbar…

Over here in blighty (England if you will) we tend to get a bit of a rough deal when it comes to waves. When the waves are ok, the weather sux, and when the weather is ok, you can bet your bottom dollar that the waves will suck.

Enter the cribbar. This surf ‘event’ happens once, maybe twice a year. When it works it brings some stellar waves to our shores.

Yeah the weather still sucks, Nah I’ll probably never ride it. For a couple of hours English surfers get to dream of big wave riding. Queue the pics.

Full Image List Can be found here on A1 Surf.

Full Image List Can be found here on A1 Surf.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Cribbar…”

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    Initially I was confused as to the relevance of Clara’s comment. But had to agree that it wasn’t spam so should go through the filters.

    It did however mean that I took a closer look at the comments on this post. And then it all made sense.

    The comment on the previous post was of course Spam. I can honestly say that I didn’t even check the email address of the poster, but simply looked at the message.

    What can I say? Like everyone I am easily beguiled with a little flattery. I only the hope my other readers and the exceptionally observant Clara wont hold that against me.

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