Facial Recognition

So my mate Macca found this site that will take an uploaded photo and perform some ‘facial recognition’ on it and compare the image with a database of celebrities. I couldn’t resist. I happened to have a picture on my psp that I use in Tony Hawks so I can ‘skate’…. the results follow the split

The source image:

62% match — Jason Biggs.

56% match — Benjamin McKenzie.

54% match — Michael Jordan.

I would hate to suggest there are any bugs in the system, but… Lets put it this way, I won’t be relying on facial recognition in the immediate future to secure my home.

On the plus side it is quite a nice little flash app.


3 thoughts on “Facial Recognition”

  1. I agree that this is rubbish. What I would like is a system which can compare photographs to see if they can be shown to be of the same person. Being involved in genealogy this would be a great way of identifying old family photos. Anyone know of such a system?

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