Running SimpLite on USB Dive

Those of you that are users of MSN or one of its many alternative clients may or may not be aware of the fact that every conversation you have is clearly readable by any interested party that might monitor your goings on. In fact a simple Google search will throw up a fine list of methods and programs that will allow you to see exactly what I mean (EtherBoss).

Others of you will be aware there are a number of ways you can achieve some level of privacy in said Instant Message conversations, Gaim has a number of plug-in that offer some level of encryption to your messages. As a former user of the stock MSN client I had already decided to make use of SimpLite from Secway and as a result had convinced a large portion of my friends and family that they should also install and use it.

However once i had moved as many of my daily apps to a USB drive (read PSP. Overkill? You betcha!!) and swapped to using Gaim I was left with all Instant Messaging being transported in plain text again. After an Exhaustive search I didn’t find any information describing that SimpLite could be installed to USB or that it would work. In actual fact it is possible to run SimpLite from a USB drive. In addition you can install it in this way without administrator rights on the system you will use it on. The solution is really quite simple. Here is how I managed to Install SimpLite on to a USB drive to encrypt my Gaim messages.

  1. Download Portable Gaim and also download SimpLite.
  2. Unpack Portable Gaim to your chosen USB Drive and ensure it is operational.
  3. Install SimpLite, The important Thing here is to install SimpLite DIRECTLY to your USB Drive
  4. Set up SimpLite as usual to use your keys or generate new keys as required.
  5. Open Gaim and follow the instructions here to configure it to run through the SimpLite Proxy.

This is actually all that is required. However fo completeness I proceeded to do a registry check following the SimpLite installation, as expected there were a number of Registry items listed. I did a quick search under Simp and Secway. Any entries I found i simply removed, to remove some I did need to close SimpLite and/or disconnect the USB drive I had installed SimpLite to. Finally SimpLite Does get added to the windows start file, so if your USB Drive is connected while windows launches SimpLite will automatically start, I haven�t removed this (I don�t know how to in all honesty, but then I don�t really mind it being there)

Et Voila, Portable SimpLite. I don�t own the full Simp application but i would assume this would still work, if someone wants to try it out please post a comment letting everyone know if it works or not.

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  1. Indeed, SimpLite and SimpPro are great products to secure instant messages. Freeware. What could ge better? Get SimpLite for Messenger Encryption with Rijndael128 Bit (AES).

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