Windows Live Mail Beta Invites

Today I was the proud recipient of an invite to the Windows Live Mail ‘Beta’. The email described the features of the new Hotmail application and very good it sounds too. Although one thought came to mind as i read, re-read and then scoured the source code.

As a ‘beta’ tester i have already become concerned as to the quality of the application. You see the big ‘join now’ ‘link’ was not live.

As yet i am unsure if this is a sneaky way by Microsoft to weed out all the FireFox users before they get to the application, or if the content stripping of Hotmail got a bit over zealous.

But it occurred to me, if you are going to start a beta program. You might want to test the invites work :p

No Invite

One thought on “Windows Live Mail Beta Invites”

  1. I wonder if this is going to be as ‘ground breaking’ as their new version of the ‘MSN Search engine’, going head to head with Google again.

    Microsoft are to good ideas what Sideshow Bob is to rakes – an accident waiting to happen! LOL

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