New Image Collections

I have uploaded and updated my flash 8 photo gallery with three new collections. The first is themed around the many images of flowers i have taken. The second is a rather smaller collection of surf focused images. The final collection is themed with sunsets.

Cheesy, definately, but I happen think they look damb nice.

With time these three collection will grow I hope.

The update is simply a test of some changes to the Flash 8 gallery that allows me to simply specify an XML data source that holds the collection or gallery details.

You can veiw the galleries from these links

These links can also be seen on the Photos section of my blog.

5 thoughts on “New Image Collections”

  1. Thank you, glad you like them, The Images are from a few places. Portugal, Costa Rica, and the UK. Im in London UK.

  2. Flowers? Maybe you could do a collage of figure skater’s friends while you’re at it, gay boy – πŸ˜‰ LOL

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