Portable Apps Updates and Links.

This morning while burning a little time I did a quick scan over the Portable Application I have been carrying around with me on my USB drive and did a quick compare with the latest versions that are available. PortableApps.com carries allot of the Portable Apps that I use but not all of them so this is what I “wax my stick” with right now.

  • KeyPass – This is a password manager that runs very nicely from a USB Key; It�s just recently been updated to v1.05. One lovely thing this Free Portable App allows is the ability to attach and encrypt files into the password file. So it also acts as a bit of a back up program as well 🙂
  • Portable FireFox – No real description required here, other than to say I find there are some key extensions worth using with Portable FireFox from USB. Sage, MozImage and Calendar. I like them just because I don�t have to install alternative, RSS readers, Image Viewers or the Portable SunBird. Simple really.
  • Portable ThunderBird – Again it�s a no brainer, a great free Portable email client. And now available with. OpenPGP/GPG Support. See now? KeyPass is an ideal place to store your PGP Keys 😀
  • Portable AmbiWord – This got updated to v2.4.4 and I missed it. I have had compatibility issues with some of the styling, but it�s a useful word replacement all the same, and not as bulky as Portable OpenOffice
  • Portable ClamWin – This is an Portable version of the Open Source Antivirus/Virus Scanner and has just been updated to v0.88.2.3
  • Portable FileZilla – Portable FTP Application, now on v2.2.23a
  • NotePad++ – Great portable NotePad Replacement, also great code editing tool. Plus it has native Support for ActionSctipt Syntax Highlighting. Bonus.
  • Portable Gaim – Portable version of the Gaim chat client. It has been updated to v1.5, also there is a test for Portable Gaim v2.0. Gaim has support for all the major networks. The more Security conscious of you may be interested in how you can also se SimpLite from USB as well
  • Ifran View – Ok when I recommended MozImage I said I didn�t need another image viewer, not entirely true as Mozimage only does Web Image formats. Ifran view does pretty much EVERY Format.
  • IZArc – This compression tool can be installed and then copied to a USB Key to run portably. Alternatively….
  • hjZip – can just be unzipped to your USB to be run
  • Foxit PDF Reader – Does what you would expect. A Portable PDF Application

And just because I like to think I am security more inclined(/paranoid) I also make use of these additional Portable Apps

  • SimpLite – This is a chat proxy that allows your Chat conversations to be encrypted. Not a true portable App, but I have found a way to run it in a portable manner. Instructions Here
  • Blowfish Advanced CS – I use this mainly for cleaning up after myself on any given system, it has up to 35 pass data deletion. In addition it is a nice quick way of encrypting files if the need ever arises
  • TorPak – This is a modified Portable FireFox that automatically runs a Tor Privoxy to mask/anonomise your web browsing I.P. This has the added benefit of bypassing some web filtering software that gets run.
  • TrueCrypt – TrueCrypt is a great encryption utility that offers mountable encrypted files/drive. The portable aspect comes from the traveler mode that this program offers

couple of links….


Also this Blog has a great set of Freeware application Alternatives.

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