Loading Images as ‘Best’ in Flash 8

I noted on this post at Mixmedia that others are having trouble loading Images with the ‘best’ quality in flash 8. For those unsure what this means, the ‘best’ quality setting provides anti aliasing to pretty much all objects in a flash movie, all the time regardless of frame rate loss. This includes Bitmaps. So when you scale or rotate a Bitmap you don�t get nasty jaggies on them.

A full explanation of the different quality settings in flash can be found here

Some time ago as Flash 8 was released Tinic Uro posted an explanation of the lack of support for bitmap anti aliasing in flash 8 and also a workaround for it.

The post is on his archives here

I have included this workaround in the Flash 8 gallery I posted, and have incorporated it into an Image loader class I am using in a project currently the only note of caution I would have is that this work around really boosts the CPU usage of a movie if you are moving around lots of images.

As a side note the ‘best’ quality setting was almost lost during the flash 3 alphas as it was thought to be identical in effect as the ‘high’ quality.

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