BitTube Has Moved!

This week my domain referral and Hosting have been updated, and barring the lack of ASP support on my new hosting provider everything seems to have gone very well. Initially I was caught on the hop as the transfer occurred faster than I expected, but last night I simply updated the redirects and I am all back in business.

Big thanks to DreamHost for the new home, and also to RedAppleHosting for the old home. The reason for the move was purely a want for some Ruby on Rails support, which is something I have wanted to look at for some time.

At the moment link for my Flash 8 image gallery will only show a mixed bunch of images rather than the sets. I need to learn a little PHP to find out how I do the equivalent of an ASP

< % Response.Write(Request.QueryString("xD")) %>

So if anyone has the answer, feel free to post a comment 😀

3 thoughts on “BitTube Has Moved!”

  1. Hope the syntax works, not sure if I need to do anything fancy…

    <?php echo $_GET[‘xD’]; ?>

    On some PHP installations you get warnings if the index ‘xD’ is not defined. I have created the following function to echo a querystring variable.


    function egv($name,$default=”){
    echo htmlentities((isset($_GET[$name])) ? $_GET[$name] : $default);


    and you would call it like so:

    <?php egv(‘xD’); ?>

  2. BTW, I’d watch out for those apparently smart quotes your blog system puts in… they should be just plain single quotes

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