Presenting at the LFPUG

The London Flash User Group site has now been updated. I will be giving my first ever public flash presentation. My chosen specialist subject will be localisation techniques for flash. This is something I have been banging my head against for some time, and as a result like to think I may be able to offer some nuggets of knowledge to someone out there in order to save them the same pain I have endured.

In addition Stephen Downs (tink) will be giving an early look at the new ActionScript 3 preview that some of you ‘may’ have spotted is available on labs.

So if either of those sounds like they might float your boat, then why not pop along. I would just ask you check heavy throwing objects at the door :p.

Dave ‘I’m not shitting it much I always walk like this’ At BitTube Dot Com

2 thoughts on “Presenting at the LFPUG”

  1. I’ve done my fair share of Flash localisation projects over the years as well, have banged my head so often it still hurts and think experience has given me some useful asprins to ease the pain! I’m planning to come along to the meeting and I look forward to hearing your presentation.

    Good luck – I’me sure it”l be all good!

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