URGENT!! Signatures Needed for flash 10yr release!

As myself and Mike (flashgen.com) have mentioned previously we were heavily involved in Flash ‘way back in the day’. During the time we were cutting our teeth in flash’s infancy we were involved in some (IOHO) pretty slick projects. Now if you want those to be seen EVER again we need to get some release forms signed from 2 very specific companies in the UK.

If you can help us, or you know some one who might be able too PLEASE leave a comment. Let me know if you want it made public or not and I will abide your wishes. What is important is that myself or Mike (flashgen.com) can contact you some how to follow it up.

If you lead to the project going like I will personally buy you a BIG beers or six, and give you a great big hug (kisses optional).

The companies and or departments required are.

BBC Education Department — need to be able to sign release for Medicine Through Time Website. (circa 1998, Flash 3).
British Telecoms Education Department — need to be able to sign release for BT Time Trek Game. (circa 1998, Flash 3).

Remember this may be the only opportunity to see these historical examples of what us oldskoolers ‘bled our eyes on’.

Please spread the word if you are able.

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