My Little Bit O’ Flash History

With all the bruhaha around Flash being 10 years old I thought I would shamelessly hop on the band wagon. As many will be aware Mike Jones ( and I have been pumping out all manner of Flash for pretty much the 10 years that Flash has been around. There were some good things some bad things and some ground breaking things that we have pioneered and developed.

As part of Spooky and the Bandit we were privalidged to see the invention of Invisible Buttons and Scoping Buttons, curtosy of Mr Alex Burrows, in Flash 1/Future Wave if memory Serves. Of cource not untill Flash 3 did the then Macromedia offer that helpful transparent rectangle.

At about the Flash 3 launch Mike and I produced some examples and prototypes, one of wich can be found on the Flash 3 Release CD infact. This showed for the first time such novel innovations as seperate layers for code, graphics and sounds. The first example of logic and application state storage built on the now ubiqutous ‘Parked Movie Clip‘ technique.

These were indeed the ‘work around’ years.

Some time into Flash 3’s life cycle Mike and I developed what would become known as the BlooCat engine. A system that allowed a user to control a character in a point and click stylee. The ground work was expanded, extended and polished (credit to Rob Berg on his voice overs and Animation Skillz and to Sam Safi for his Illustration.) into this wonderful nugget of flash 3 history.

Back from the grave, and all thanks to BT Education for allowing its release.

BT Time Trek.

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