Do you use WordPress or MovableType?

Since MoveableType been made freely availible for personal use I thought I would try and find out what peoples feelings are on MovableType. Currently I am using WordPress, which operates absolutely fine, but, and I am sure I am not alone here. I like to play with new toys :D.

So if you are a MovableType user and you have any views on it please let me know. Even better if you have experience using WordPress and MovableType then which did you prefer, and why. What are the advantages, or disadvantages of each?

In the mean time, if the site goes down, you will know why 😀

5 thoughts on “Do you use WordPress or MovableType?”

  1. I use both and they have their own pros and cons. Movable Type is definitely good for multiple blogs where wordpress is good for flexibility for your own custom designs. WordPress is much easier to start off where Movable Type grows on you and a pro user will enjoy the power of Movable Type more.

  2. Thanks for the info. I have to say WordPress has treated me so well I am a little overwhelmed by MovableType so far. The Installation went ‘ok’ but it wasn’t as smooth as the WordPress Installs. And the application still looks quite daunting.

    I will persevere.

  3. I’m currently using WordPress. The one thing I didn’t like was having to rebuild my blog everytime I published something. That may be different now – it’s been awhile. WordPress does everything so well why move 🙂

  4. Pre 2.66 MoveableType drove me nuts. Since it’s Perl, it’s really hard for me to contribute vs. WordPress where I could since I’m decent with PHP. It also had a horrible problem of totally going belly up if your server ran out of hard drive space.

    However, I have been using the MoveableType MySQL installation of MT for about 3 years now, and honestly she DOES work good. Combined with my Flash comment form to kill bot blogspam, I’d only change if it royally deleted my blog or something else insane and head straight to WordPress since I actually like PHP.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s why I still use MoveableType. I guess if I had time, I’d check out WordPress, but MT works good enough.

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