Save the world through Optimization.

This morning I stumbled onto this link via the WordPress news site. I followed the post through to digg and found some interesting comments on Optimization which I hadn’t considered. As we continue to move towards a more prolific Mobile Web optimization becomes ever more important. Properly Optimized content saves money. It saves your clients money serving it up, as mentioned in the digg Comments. In addition because mobile web users’ often pay per kB that they download, optimizing your web development you save your users cash.

On an extended note it could be argued that every 1k you shave off your content is 2k less processing (1k on the server, 1k on the client), which is 2k less processing power and power consumption required on serving your content. We all know that saving energy means less impact on the environment and Green House Gases, which means global warming is slowed, and us humans can live on earth longer.

In summary, Optimize, you save the world when you do!

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