LoadQueueManager Update.

I had intended to post information about this before going on holiday but it got missed before leaving. Thanks to Jester for reminding me, I finally checked the comments 😀

Long post short its here.

I began reworking the LoadQueueManager before leaving, its an early rebuild, but what i tested was far more stable than the last revisions. Also I have included some of the features that people had asked of me (total queue progress, and also separate listeners for each item in the queue are two items that stick out).

It is a more complex set of files, and only part complete, but rather than leave people waiting, have at it. I wont be doing any other work on it for some time due to excessive holiday commitments (hey a man has to surf 😉 ) but feel free to leave comments, and send updates if you do any.


5 thoughts on “LoadQueueManager Update.”

  1. Hmm, this sample doesn’t work for me, the images files are not named properly and as far as I can see, the queue isn’t working at all: it loads the first item and then stops.

  2. dunno if you even update this page anymore, but all your download links result in a 404-file not found.. :0/

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