Open Source ActionScript, an end to the flash plug-in?

Today on I noticed the news that Adobe have released the source code for the ActionScript Virtual Machine to Mozilla Foundation.

The release, which is dated 7th November 2006 can be found here and provides more information. From the release it sound like the code is to be included into future releases of the fire fox browser.

Does this mean an end to the Flash Plug-in for future Mozilla based Browsers? How will this impact XUL runner and its capabilities in comparison to Adobes much talked about Apollo?

Adobe and Mozilla Foundation to Open Source Flash Player Scripting Engine

4 thoughts on “Open Source ActionScript, an end to the flash plug-in?”

  1. This is completely unrelated to the plugin or to Actionscript. This is just meant to make ECMAScript (JS) execution faster on spidermonkey.

    Mozilla based products will still need the Flash plugin for Flash content. There are no changes whatsoever to the way AS, JS, or Flash content work on such browsers. XUL runner will be faster, but that’s all. There are no new features.

  2. There was a lot of speculation about this the day it was announced. When people from Adobe and Firefox explained, essentially they said that the code they donated will go into Firefox Javascript engine (Actionscript and Javascript are very closely related). It won’t affect the Flash plug-in for Firefox.

  3. Thanks for setting me straight on the facts.

    I have been well out the loop from the MXNA for a few months now and missed the original announcement. Although I dint find any references in the MXNA about the release either?

    I wonder why this wasn’t explained slightly better in the release? Seems An obvious assumption?

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