Gliffy, web based diagramming application.

Many developers will be aware of Grant Skinners fantastic flash based UML application GModeler. Well while looking around the interweb at diagramming application options on the Mac, other than OmniGraffle, I stumbled accross this great example of a Flash RIA that seems to offer all the functionality you might need. Enter Gliffy.

Not only does it offer UML, but also floor plans, network diagrams, user interfaces. Add to this the export to SVG, JPEG, PNG, Print options and collaborative options as well. Gliffy seems to offer most of what I need from any full price diagramming application. Omni Graffle can wait for now I think.

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One thought on “Gliffy, web based diagramming application.”

  1. It’s cool and out there for some months. I heard they were seeking some funding but didn’t get funded in early stages.

    I hope, they got funded and valued good… I can see tool has potential..

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