A little rocky on re-entry….

Last night I finally got round to updating my word press install to 2.1.1 . The aim was to get the WordPress Embedded Gallery 2 plugin set up and working (which i eventually managed to do here). In the past this operation has always gone smoothly, my options being to use the auto-magic update button from the Dreamhost.com instant install interface. Or if i am feeling a little braver, the manual option. I followed all the usual procedures bar one…….

That one fatal over sight turned into a number of hours trying to bring my blog back. I had forgotten to switch the plug-ins off. More specifically I forgot to switch WP-Cache off. This pretty much hosed the whole update operation.

On the plus side I dug out a theme I had been tinkering with that included a navigation bar to the pages on my blog (see above). While I was feeling invincible after resurrecting blog.bittube.com I even got round to installing WordPress Gallery 2, a pretty in depth implementation to include Gallery 2 inside your WordPress blog. That in itself took another wedge of time that quite frankly I didn’t have. There are a couple of points I discovered during the installation of WPG2 that are worth knowing.

  1. To get the best visual display from the gallery 2 installation use a specially edited WPG2 theme like the one here or here
  2. To Link to the embedded gallery page I found a Word press plug in works a treat. The Links-To-Page Word Press plug in

So if you want to check out the first round of images posted there are a smattering of Surfing photos from some great recent swell that hit the UK. The waves here were found in Widemouth bay, Cornwall and Compton Bay on the Isle of Wight. Both are pretty well know not UK surfers, but might not be so well know are the quality of the waves we do sometimes get over here. Enjoy I know I Did

UK Surfing Photos, Cornwall and Isle of Wight

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  1. It took me a few hours to get WPG2 integrated, I kept reading over and over about the special WPG2 themes but made the error of thinking they meant WordPress themes, not Gallery themes.. I felt like a complete retard when the penny finally dropped and it worked within a couple of minutes…. a proper RTFM case. 😀

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