Making More Partition Space for Windows In Boot Camp

I noticed this afternoon that the space I had alloted on my MacBook Pro for my Windows XP Boot Camp partition my not be large enough as time goes on. As a reslt I began looking at methods for Non Destructive Resizing of the partition, that doesn’t exist. Even in the recently release Boot Camp 1.2 update. So instead i began looking at alternative ways to free up some more space for Windows to do what ever it is Windows does with all that disk space. The following are my top links for information on freeing up disk space on Windows.

  1. How-to: Quickly Reduce Windows Installation Size
  2. Install ad Use LitePC ‘s XPLite

Thats pretty much it.

The result after carefully following the first links instructions followed by some tinkering with XPLite…. And extra 2Gigs of space in my Windows Boot Camp Partition. Result.

2 thoughts on “Making More Partition Space for Windows In Boot Camp”

  1. I did see a few references to some Linux Tools, and also the diskutil tool that was added to 10.4.6 when Boot camp became available. The impression I got was that these would not work with a physical partition, like the ones that are used for BootComp pecause of the diferent file systems (NTFS/HFS in my case) and also the different boot loading systems (mbr / what ever osx uses).

    You mention in your comment, and also in your Post on your site that you are using Parallels. While I do have Parallels installed, I am was actually referring not to a VM installation of windows, but an installation under BootCamp.

    Thanks for the info, but I am still unsure if I can use that same tool.

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