FlashLite2 Development for the Nokia N95 Browser

I took delivery of a new Nokia 95 a few days ago, and I must confess I am very, very happy. One thing that attracted me to the device was the IN BROWSER FlashLite 2 support, this offers a way to build web experiences into the browser that owners of the new Nokia smartphone will be see. Of course this Assumes that the developers of the content stick to the usual limitations of developing for FlashLite, and other limited performance devices.

So I have spent a little time getting to the usual nitty gritty that us flash developers require in order to produce to the Nokia N95. I.E.

The FlashLite Player on the N95 reports the following from the System.capabilities.version command.

FL 7,1,90,0

When using html that sets the swf files width and height to 100% I get the following information from the N95 browser.

Stage.width == 240
Stage.height == 320

Here comes the but……

When I make use of the rotate screen functionality that the N95 offers to view the SWF in landscape format, and measure the width and height. I get the following.

Stage.width == 240
Stage.height == 320

I extended my movie to make use of the Stage.onResize event. But at no point could I see that event fire through my event handler. As a result I have not been able to see the expected result in landscape format of

Stage.width == 320
Stage.height == 240

Maybe I have made a simple mistake.

The N95 does seem to be a very capable device. The battery is pretty short lived, but the functionality it offers is great. From a development point of view I will be looking to see what I can do in the Browser and out, It would be wonderful if the Browser offers FlashLite 3 once that is available, maybe a later firmware patch. We shall see.

my first example is (very basic) available to view at this location. bittube.com/flashlitehome/index.html

I will package the source, what there is and post it later on.

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