Nokia N95 FlashLite 2 Browser Support Screen Shots

Following my initial post last night detailing some of the player information of the FlashLite 2 support in the N95 web browser, and also one of the issues. I thought I would take a quick look at the files from last night with fresh eyes over lunch. I have included a couple of screen shots to show the rotate issue more clearly. The page that is in these screen shots is at the following location.

In the file I am simply reporting to screen the Player version, the stage width and height, and then also loadin an image thumbnail from my new gallery of animal themed photography

The bottom 2 fields are reporting the FlashLite players fscommand2("GetFreePlayerMemory") and fscommand2("GetTotalPlayerMemory")

In the first screen the FlashLite movie from this URL loads has loaded in the Vertical page format at a resolution of 240×320 (wxh).

Nokia N95 FlashLite 2 Browser Support

In the second screen shot below the browser has been rotated into its horizontal format. This operation does not seem to cause the Stage.onResize event to fire, and the flash movie still reports a resolution of 240×320 (wxh).

Nokia N95 FlashLite 2 Horizontal Browser Support

A side effect of this rotation of the flash movie is that it seems to get scaled down in order to view it in the new format. This means the text becomes unreadable. Very frustrating.

The N95 does support JavaScript in its browser, next step i suppose is to see if that can be used to detect the change in format.

2 thoughts on “Nokia N95 FlashLite 2 Browser Support Screen Shots”

  1. Ciao,

    can you do a quick test and see if it supports embedded video within the browser? Just embed a video into a swf and see if it plays back. I think it does but would like a confirmation.


  2. I have done some quick checks, and updated the file on the link mentioned. according to System.capabilities.hasEmbeddedVideo there is support for Embedded Video, but I have not managed to confirm that with a working example. System.capabilities.hasStreamingVideo returns false.

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