Detecting Screen Rotation in Nokia N95 Browser

Continuing my work with Web Development for Mobile Phones and other Devices I updated my very simple early FlashLite 2 tests that I showed on in screen shots on my N95.

In those posts I discussed the problem of detecting screen rotation detection on the Nokia N95. I could not get the FlashLite player to register a change in Stage size when switching from portrait to landscape viewing modes. I have since added a little JavaScript function that I thought might be able to detect this change in lieu of the FlashPlayer not working.

Unfortunately all methods I have attempted so far to register a change in orientation have failed. The browser does not seem to support the onResize event which I assumed would provide the answer. This limitation appears similar to information I have found from iPhone web developers that have encountered similar issues.

SmugBlog Makes Reference to it on there site. There is also a couple of links to a Framework that provides a work around of sorts using an interval.

joehewitt, the developer responsible for the facebook I belive, has published the iUI as a google code project.

In addition to the resize problem it seems that the FlashLite 2 player within the browser does not offer support for the FlashVars parameter of the Embed and Object tags, it also does not appear to support appending variables on the SWF path name. These limitations would not allow values to be passed into the SWF file at run time.

A final test I performed was to export my test movie not as FlashLite content, but rather as Flash Player 6 and Flash Player 7 content with ActionScript 2 support. The thinking behind this was that this would offer me some lowest common denominator for publishing mobile flash content on a broad range of devices. Sony’s PSP of course uses the Flash Player 6 as its platform while Nintendo’s Wii uses the Flash Player 7. Both versions of the file ran within the FlashLite 2 Player. Although no the IDE did complain about using FlashLite specific FSCommand2 functions. In addition there was some issues with the image loader in the Flash Player 6 version of the swf when loaded by the FlashLite 2 player, the image was rotated through -90 degrees for some reason.

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  1. So, quick question. In your post you say that you published as Flash Player 6 and that both versions ran fine within the FlashLite 2 Player. I am waiting for my Nokia E-90 to arrive and have been wondering if I would be able to see Flash 6/7 content (without video) in a flash lite 2.0 enabled browser… can you elaborate… Thanks much, Gery

  2. From my tests so far it would seem the capabilities at a basic level of the FlashLite 2 browser player on the N95 is compatible with Flash 7 SWF files. I am continuing to investigate this to find out how far this compatibility can be taken.

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