Adobe Unveils Technical Communication Suite

I stumbled across this on the press area. The suite looks like it contains all the products you could need from Adobe if you are required to produce Technical Documentation, Training Material, Help files for products and even E-learning courses.

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Technical Communication Suite software, a first-of-a-kind, integrated solution for authoring, managing, and publishing technical information and training content across multiple formats and languages

The Full Press release can be found on the Website.

Adobe Unveils Technical Communication Suite

4 thoughts on “Adobe Unveils Technical Communication Suite”

  1. A good package if your focus is desktop-centric, or if you work in a small company. Not a viable solution if you work for a big company with enterprise workflow integration requirements.

  2. Hi, I’m using OS 10.2 with developer tools installed from the CD in the box. I was trying to build an AS Studio application with a combo box in the interface and I came accross a strange bug. I set the combo box to generate “should begin editing” and “should end editing” events. However, whenever I would start editing the contents of the box or hit return after editing the contents, I would get an error “NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError (10)” and the event handlers wouldn’t be called. I was able to reproduce this bug reliably in the simplest manner possible. I created a new Applescript Application in Project Builder with a window in its interface and nothing in the window but a combo box set to generate “should begin editing” and “should end editing” events.

    Can anybody reproduce this bug? Is it a known isssue with AS Studio? I searched all my saved emails from the AS Studio list and was unable to find any mention of this.

  3. A number of big (IBM) companies are heavy users of Framemaker, but there’s a difference between use in an enterprise and use as part of a workflow production. Framemaker sitting on a desktop connected to a printer does not address the needs of a manufacturing company that has 100 authors in 18 time zones trying to collaborate on a deliverable that needs to be output in 45 languages.

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