Ultra-Edit Text Editor Goes Portable, But at a price.

In previous posts I have espoused the virtues of portable applications, and provided a list of applications I keep installed on my USB Drive. One application I have used for a number of years is IDM Computer Solutions Ultra Edit. This feature rich text/hex editor has now been updated to be compatible with the U3 portable drive system. I haven’t installed it yet though. Why? Well I think the price is a bit steep, especially since I currently hold an unlimited upgrade license for Ultra-Edit, Ultra-Compare and Ultra-Sentry. I just cant justify the extra expense for another copy of Ultra-Edit, just for the privilege of having it run from a USB Drive. Since switching to a Mac I guess I feel spoiled by all the fantastic free software that is availible. The idea of paying for 2 copies of one application seems a little alien now. 😀

One thought on “Ultra-Edit Text Editor Goes Portable, But at a price.”

  1. Just curious about which editor you use on the Mac now. I’ve used UltraEdit for about 12 years now, and am just becoming a big fan of the cross-platform jEdit (reviewing it on my site now), which is as close as it seems one can get on the Mac (and which can also be run from a Thumb drive, so long as Java is installed).

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