FlashLite 3 Player available for Nokia N95

If you are interested in testing your new FlashLite 3 content on device, as all good developers should be, the there is an interim build of FlashLite 3 availible that has been certified only for Nokia N95.

You must submit your IMEI number by Noon Eastern Time on the 16th of October. Details of the email and how to get your IMEI Number can be found at the following location.

FlashLite 3 Developer Edition for Nokia N95

7 thoughts on “FlashLite 3 Player available for Nokia N95”

  1. I recieved it two days ago. It does not act as a plug-in to use while on the internet but does play flash video if you download them.

  2. would someone be able to send me the file…i am a n95 user and i just found out about this….it would be much appreciated

  3. can some one send me the flash player also for nokia n95 I havn’t found any others that work yet!

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