FlashLite 2 Helper Classes for Download. Pt 1. BatteryBroadcaster

I have been sorting through some of my old code, commenting up some bits and generally refreshing the grey matter on some of the things I have been working on. I thought I would put some of the helper classes I use out into the wild. First up is a simple class that I used for monitoring battery status of mobile phones or other mobile devices in FlashLite 2, or FlashLite 3, I would think (not tested yet) .

Flash Lite Battery Broadcaster

The Class is actually part of a larger set of components and classes I have. I will try and prepare some of the others for release as well, for now this was the easiest to tease out and make presentable. It uses a custom “Event” class and the EventDispatcher class to form an “oopy” object that broadcasts changes in your mobile phone battery status to any listener objects.

You can download the BatteryBroadcaster classes from the link below.

Download the BatteryBroadcaster.zip

It is also posted in the Downloads area if you loose this post.

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