9 reasons the iPhone Sucks!

Macca has posted a nice concise list of reasons the iPhone sucks. Personally I don’t have one of the devices, I don’t see the need when I can get an iPod Touch to do development testing on, its cheaper, and I wont be tied in for 18 months. At any rate here are my reasons for not buying “This years must have gadget”.

  1. 2 mega pixel camera with no video. Nokia N95 has a 5 mega pixel camera and full screen video recording and tv out playback. Result.
  2. No 3g internet connection. Nokia N95 once again comes up trumps in this department with 3G and HSDP access. Result.
  3. No decent Data package, 18 month contract. N95 on T-mobile with web & walk max. 10 gb data voip and 3g. Result

Macca’s list is longer. See 9 reasons iPhone Sucks.


16 thoughts on “9 reasons the iPhone Sucks!”

  1. you guys/girls who say the iphone suck, are just jealous, the only reason you say it sucks is because you cannot aford 1 , HATERS

  2. 2mp camera, i get 1000 dollars and im 11 every year, i could buy one but it sucks, cameras crap and its got half the features my phones got and its just another pda thats a phone, i am not impressed, i saw people burn and blend iphones, crap things

  3. Compared to all phones out there iPhone may have 9 things not as good as others. But dont compare the N95 to the iPhone puhleez! Takes about an hour to update, browsing the web is so poor that its not even worth it and most of all is the laborious time it takes to do anything including scrolling through menus to get wifi running (oh and theres an iPod in an iPhone and a just a sucky media app in the n95). I’m so glad I ditched the n95. Also mms dosent count as you can email images for free on the iPhone but 25p EACH on n95 under orange (cheapest!) and huge data bill to go with it just to get emails in the sucky mail app that took me 3 attempts to get running before I found out it wasn’t compatible. iPhone may lack minor features but is certainly dosent suck half as much as an n95.

  4. LAME!!!!! If you owned an iphone you’d know about its true downfalls like call quality and a few other things. No phone is perfect but the iphone is by far the best of a very bad bunch. The fact you get an ipod and a GPS and a proper browser and free data and it works perfectly with itunes is reason enough. When they sell 5 million youll be looking like an ass.

  5. I agree with you blondie 😉 I actually was just about to get an iPhone last Christmas when I noticed the Nokia N95 8GB black. It even has Flash Lite 2.0 by default 🙂 I got it via Vodafone and installed Google maps & mail on the home screen. HSDPA or 3.5G works flawlessly, even on a notebook via Bluetooth or USB. The iPhone just isn’t ready for the European/Japanese market in it’s current configuration.

  6. It’s crazy how just about every blog on the blogosphere was praising the iPhone before it came out – with people saying outrageous things like “it’s going to revolutionise the way we do media and the internet” etc. etc.
    Meanwhile, it really hasn’t had even a quarter of the kind of effect everyone was proposing. In fact, now those same blogs are slamming it as one of the worst phones ever.
    Seems to me that the public will never be happy. At least I stuck to my guns from the beginning : I said “big deal, it really isn’t that amazing” and at least I was right. It deserves praise where it’s due, but it certainly doesn’t deserve the kind of praise it was getting (even before it came out!)

  7. Haha! At long last someone had the courage to disclose the ugly side of iPhone. It’s like I’ve been hearing iPhone is the best from 8 out of 10 published write up in the Internet.

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