A few weeks ago as I was preparing to present at the OnAir event I had a rather untimely hardware failure on my Apple MacBook Pro. As a result I had to rather hastily prep my wife’s MacBook Black to present from. One of the preparations was to make sure I would be able to connect the machine to a projector, as any apple laptop owner will know its important to carry a DVI to VGA connector at all times.

However the MackBook black uses the mini DVI connector, as a result I thought it would be a snap to just pick up a Mini DVI to CVI connector, and then from there I could use the DVI to VGA connector I already own. Not so. Despite the packaging suggesting otherwise, the DVI result from the apple mini DVI connector is not a standard DVI out. There are 4 pins “missing”. The pictures Below explain better.

One thought on “DVI != DVI”

  1. I’ve been bitten by this one before, too. I have a DVI->VGA to hook my laptop to the TV, and my girl has a Mini-DVI->DVI on her MacBook. I was pretty appalled when they wouldn’t play nicely together – they’re both Apple products too, so what’s the problem? Grr.

    Also, the short extension cord for my Apple keyboard has a little notch/dent so that It won’t allow anything else to be plugged into the cable. (or, even loop back on itself for easy untangled storage)

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