Apple’s App Store heads towards Orwellian Nightmare for iPhone Users

Following my recent post musing as to The Real Reason Flash Isn’t on Apple’s iPhone?, more news of how Apple is tightening its grip over the iPhone, its developers and its users began to filter through. I don’t think there could be any confusion as to the intentions of Apple and the control they have over App Store and the Applications that they sell on or through it. Apple are willing, ready and able, to block any trouble makers that might upset Apple’s new ivory tower.

First came news of Apple’s ‘Kill List‘ that could allow Apple to remove ‘unwanted’ apps from the iPhone. While it is said to be for the removal of malicouse applications, there is no real reason it would not be used for any iPhone application. This could presumably be regardless of wether users may have paid money for them or actually want the applications them on their iPhone.

Second came the news that Apple had removed Nullriver’s NetShare application from the app store, and that it was unlikely to return in North America. The application provided a way for iPhone users to ‘tether’ there iPhones to a laptop, while iPhone user may have found this functionality useful. Unfortunately Apple felt it was best not to allow its iPhone users that choice.

Finnaly came news of the removal of the “Podcaster” application from App Store. This time the reason would seem to be it competes with Apple on its own platform! There are som many comments and comparisons that could be made here with another software company that took a step to far in flexing its anti competitive muscles thats its not even funny. Cough “M$” cough “anti-trust” cough.

If iPhone users want to spend $999 on a red ruby application. I say let them!

In the real world if you can’t find the product you really want in one shop, you walk next door, or up the road, or go online until you find it. But what if there is only one shop? you don’t have a choice! Apple’s App Store is that one shop as far as iPhone applications go. Unless you jail break your iPhone and invalidate you warranty.

All the control Apple are now beginning to wield over its iPhone, iPod Touch and App Store developers and users is, of course, in the best interest of the consumer and their user experience. It is certainly NOT a terribly slippery slope that is already eroding consumer choice. Where does it end?.

4 thoughts on “Apple’s App Store heads towards Orwellian Nightmare for iPhone Users”

  1. It’s freaking amazing what Apple is doing. But it’s even more amazing that it’s not getting sued by its users.

    Removing an application because it “duplicates” iTunes functionality? C’mon…

    What would be people screaming if MS did something like this in Windows Mobile???

    I’m not buying an iPhone ever. It’s a really nice piece of hardware but apparently you can only *rent* it from Apple, it’s not actually yours.

  2. Why don’t you start app store and make sure it is a free for all….then give your opinions, it would be more credible.

  3. Are people really surprised over this behavior? People see Apple as living in an ivory tower, because they are not M$, but lets face it they are still out to make money, and what better way to then having an stamp out composition, and control with an iron fist. I think an antitrust suite is just what Apple needs right now.

  4. Come on. Think about it carefully and I’m sure you’ll see why Apple didn’t allow Podcaster on the iPhone.

    Look if Apple allows Podcaster on the iPhone then its essentially means that anyone can just actually download any old podcast onto the iphone. Not just stream it but actually download the file and run it.

    Even though I don’t have an iPhone, I’m pretty sure none of the radio apps, utube, movie app, etc allow you to download the actual music or movie file onto the iPhone.

    Allowing something like Podcaster onto the iPhone means that you are allowing something like a p2p client onto the iPhone. Bypassing iTunes and providing competition to Apple is one thing but it also means that all someone needs to illegally share music or any other file for that matter, is to put it up online as a podcast and it gets downloaded via Podcaster onto your iPhone.

    Look Apple doesn’t store all podcasts on the itunes server. You subscribe to podcasts from thousands of websites all over the internet. Allowing podcaster on the iPhone is like opening pandora’s box.

    Do you think that any of the music labels or movie studios for that matter will allow any of their content onto iTunes if this happens???

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