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Amazing HCI Design and Demonstration

After following a few links about possible “true video” versions of the Apple iPod (link) which mentions some of the patents that Apple own in respect to touch display technology. I came across this set of videos demonstrating some truly beautiful examples of touch screen related Human, Computer Interface design. (link).

The mention of dropping the ‘mechanical’ scroll wheel in favour of a touch sensitive screen could be wonderful if the implementation is as classy as some of the examples on show here. Lets hope its not as touch sensitive as those new nano’s :p

Cheap Domain Registrations

My mate Macca blogged this a little while ago, but I wanted to mention it as well. Firstly because I think it’s a darn good deal on TLD registration

[EDIT: Apparently I have used the wrong acronym here, I know what I meant and evidently I am not alone in my incorrect usage. I admit I just copied Macca, from his post Here. Sorry.].

Secondly because I keep loosing the link to Macca’s blog, and hence his post on the matter and third and finnally because once i get to Macca’s blog I can never remember the name of the post he mentions it in. So there we go, i think i have solved the problem now, I only hope Google don’t get medieval on Macca’s blog for rigging in relation to Yahoo content 😀

BitTube is MXNA’d

I think the title probably explains the post. My humble little blog has been added to the Macromedia News Aggregator. I only hope my provider, host and content can take the pressure. For those stumbleing on through for the first time….. Which I would think includes most of you. Welcome to my humble blog. I hope you find something of use here.

The sound of a dying hard drive

So after a previous post detailing the slow painful death of one of my own hard drives, I found some sweet amusement in using these sounds from Hitachi to try and diagnose the exact cause that finally struck my hard drive down.

The closest match was certainly in the realm of ‘Head Damage’ although the quality of the sound files have meant I could not be more specific.

On a lighter note the guys over at Gizmodo offered up a prize for the best Toon to come from these Wavs, the entrants can be heard here.

Interesting Maths Fact

As some one that has real issues with Math, how it works (or in my case why it doesn’t) I found this nugget rather interesting. I don’t know why, or how, but I like its simplicity.

[as]var int_inPut:Number = 12345678987654321;
trace(“output == ” + Math.sqrt(int_inPut));[/as]

A surprising little maths snippet, unfortunately flash doesn’t display the original equation properly so this is how I came across it.

111111111*111111111 = 12345678987654321

Windows XP on an Intel Mac

I must confess the release of the new MacBook Pro really did quite excite me. The possible idea of having the best of both worlds on one machine was just too much. I wan one I really really want one, and as a died in the wall PC/windoze user I never thought I would here myself saying that about a MAC.

It seems however that some people have made false promises in there quest to get said equipment :D. Apparently their desire extends so much that they have convinced employers that this Dual boot of Macintosh OSX and Windows XP is already here and possible.

As a result we have the following contest available with cash prizes, and no doubt the admiration of all computer users everywhere, be they Windows, Mac, or Linux users. And of course a place in computer history.

In addition the site also allows you to make donations to the cause and this in turn adds to the prize money.


Time on your hands?

I can just imagine the situation. Its the run up to Christmas, the clients are all starting to leave for there holidays, but you still have to be in the office to cover any ‘unexpected’ requests that come through at the last minute.

Your sat at your work station, you have your sketchbook in front of you, your pencil in your mit, but nothing is making the journey down from the left side of your brain to turn those ‘really exciting’ briefs turn into your next portfolio piece…

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Drives, Partitions, Archives and Data Recovery

Over the few weeks since returning from Costa Rica I had played a dangerous game. This game is similar in its mechanic to Russian roulette, the main difference being that rather than my life being on the line. It was a huge amount of un-backed up data, spanning a time period of some 9 or so years i would guess. Recently week i turned on my system to discover this was the night my hard drive was ‘carrying the live round’ so to speak.

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SHA-1 Broken

In this week New Scientist there was an article describing the down fall of the SHA-1 to a non-brute force attack.

Bruce Schneier was quoted in the article and also has a couple of posts that go into some more detail.
Cryptanalysis of MD5 and SHA: Time for a New Standard
SHA-1 is Broken
Cryptanalysis of SHA-1

While it seems there is no immediate threat to general internet security, it is clear that the systems used in today’s digital signature systems are failing. As Moore’s Law continues un-abated the limitations that have now been show make it clear. Where gonna need a bigger hash.

Nice Flash 8 Bitmap Technique

There is a nice post on Quasimondo that talks about using the Flash 8 BitmapData class as a tool to minimise the file size over head of using external transparent image assets.

To view the full post it can be found Here

I had been considering the uses of the BitmapData class in a related manner. Basically I wanted a method of watermarking external image assets and then removing the watermark when displayed in flash.

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New Flash Components Mailing list

Lots of changes going on over at (haha, oldskool URLS Rock). There is a new look and feel for a start, really nice cool blue Skin, liking it a lot.

In addition to that there is another basic tutorial on Flex2/AS3 components here

And also Mike has started a mailing list for all you coders out there that want to share your experience/woes in with developing components in Flash, Flex and ActionScript.

The post is here

And the list is here

The Really Real World

Ok Now i am bcak in the really real world, my boardies are in the wash and will soon be packed away, or framed.

So while i’ve been enjoying myself whats been going on??

  1. Favorite Flash Got an Update, so i have to change my link
  2. Flash gen puts out a nice AS 3 example class, and suffers some nasty down time thanks to Eclipse
  3. Coke launches this kick ass sitem5.icoke
  4. ‘The Freelance Coders Handbook’ is released onto the web 😉 here
  5. And i get to look forward to rejoining the masses in Office Life. Without my boardies

Life, as they say, goes on.

Images of Costa Rica pt.1

There are some things that hold a beauty that is so natural, innate and simple that once you encounter them you know it will affect you for all time.

Once you have been privileged enough to see and experience even some of the hidden wonder, you are left wondering if there is anything more that can make you as happy as the moment you become aware of what it is you have been allowed to share.

Pura Vida.

A variety of Photos from Costa Rica are after the split. In addition I have produced a Flash 8 photo gallery of these images and some additional photos from Costa Rica. The Flash 8 Photo Gallery can be seen here

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Coffee and Oreo

Travelling across 6 time zones straight into a Monday morning is not fun…. Scratch that it hurts like hell, before i had even got out of bed this morning it felt like i was already carrying the same back pack that over the last 14..18.. Too many hours had been holding the subject of my latest work.

This work has been 2 full weeks in the making, and at times it has quite literally almost killed me.

I call it, “Coffee and Oreos without Boardies”

Thank you.

Coffee and Oreos without Boardies

Maps In Flash at Yahoo, wOOt.

Yahoo have a Beta version of there new Maps application. It’s all built in flash which you have to commend them on. Although I do think they may be a little late, hasn’t it all been done before??

Is it me or do maps seem to have become the new ‘Killa App’ of the web? I mean how many maps do we need, its like the evolution of the web seems to have been something along the line of this…

Web news groups
Web email
Mobile email (sms?)
Mobile Websites
Web based Maps
Maps in cars (GPS)
Maps on Phones (GPS)
Web Maps with javaScript (AJAX?? c’mon Call a spade a spade guys :p)
Web Map with Flash

What next?? Can I get Video walkthroughs on my phone, of course this would be live and broadcast to google video..