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PSP Flash Player Info

This week the latest Play Station Portable (PSP) firmware update was released for Japanese and US PSP owners, included in the update was an official version of the Flash Player. Being one of the many UK residents that simply could not wait to get my hands on the PSP. I happen to own a Japanese unit that I had imported; as a result I felt it my duty to install the new firmware.

Over the weekend while researching some bits and pieces I put together a quick Flash File that tests the player on the PSP and also displays the values provided by the System.capabilities.playerType and System.capabilities.version properties.

For reference and so you don�t have to go and find the flash file. The Values are as follow:

player type =
player version = NF3 6,0,72,27

I assume the player type is undefined. Given that this property is a only available in Flash Player 7, but I thought it worth checking for completeness.

Some useless information about this movie its the first time for me producing an entire flash movie without the aid of the flash IDE. That�s right the whole dawg gone flash 6 file was produced in a text editor and compiled using MTASC, drop shadows and all….

Flash Lite Devices

I haven’t previously looked at Flash Lite development. I must confess i have been a little blinkered by the new features in flash 8, as a result the idea of ‘down grading’ my scripting to what appears to be a mish mash of flash 4 and flash 5 ActionScript 1 did not really appeal.

However, i have been keeping a little eye on the uptake and it does seem that its time to start adding Flash Lite to the quiver of my skills. Especially when the devices you get to work on are as cool as these little beauties.

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