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Flash Lite Devices

I haven’t previously looked at Flash Lite development. I must confess i have been a little blinkered by the new features in flash 8, as a result the idea of ‘down grading’ my scripting to what appears to be a mish mash of flash 4 and flash 5 ActionScript 1 did not really appeal.

However, i have been keeping a little eye on the uptake and it does seem that its time to start adding Flash Lite to the quiver of my skills. Especially when the devices you get to work on are as cool as these little beauties.

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New Flash Components Mailing list

Lots of changes going on over at (haha, oldskool URLS Rock). There is a new look and feel for a start, really nice cool blue Skin, liking it a lot.

In addition to that there is another basic tutorial on Flex2/AS3 components here

And also Mike has started a mailing list for all you coders out there that want to share your experience/woes in with developing components in Flash, Flex and ActionScript.

The post is here

And the list is here

The Really Real World

Ok Now i am bcak in the really real world, my boardies are in the wash and will soon be packed away, or framed.

So while i’ve been enjoying myself whats been going on??

  1. Favorite Flash Got an Update, so i have to change my link
  2. Flash gen puts out a nice AS 3 example class, and suffers some nasty down time thanks to Eclipse
  3. Coke launches this kick ass sitem5.icoke
  4. ‘The Freelance Coders Handbook’ is released onto the web 😉 here
  5. And i get to look forward to rejoining the masses in Office Life. Without my boardies

Life, as they say, goes on.

Flash 8 Photo gallery AS

The photo gallery I produced in flash 8 is a simple experiment in flash AS 2 classes, inheritance and event modelling. The current gallery loads its information from an XML file, this XML file is currently rather large as it contains extraneous information intended for other presentation files.

The XML parsing is handled using the AS 2 XPath API Classes.

[as]import mx.xpath.XPathAPI;[/as]

This implementation uses only the flash 8 filters really but the plan is to actually hop, skip, and jump the future development straight into the AS3 frame work and class structure.

The code below is the AS classes that control the presentation as it currently stands, please excuse the lack of commenting these files are provided ‘As Is’.

the example presentation can be seen here

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Fire Fox 1.5 RC 1 Announced

The Release Candidate of the Fire Fox Browser has been announced over at Mozilla.Org. It has a host of new features, allot of them aimed at improved accessibility.

Here is a spoiler list of the new features from the site.

  • Automated update to streamline product upgrades. Notification of an update is more prominent, and updates to Firefox may now be half a megabyte or smaller. Updating extensions has also improved.
  • Faster browser navigation with improvements to back and forward button performance.
  • Drag and drop reordering for browser tabs.
  • Improvements to popup blocking.
  • Clear Private Data feature provides an easy way to quickly remove personal data through a menu item or keyboard shortcut.
  • is added to the search engine list.
  • Improvements to product usability including descriptive error pages, redesigned options menu, RSS discovery, and “Safe Mode” experience.
  • Better accessibility including support for DHTML accessibility and assistive technologies such as the Window-Eyes 5.5 beta screen reader for Microsoft Windows. Screen readers read aloud all available information in applications and documents or show the information on a Braille display, enabling blind and visually impaired users to use equivalent software functionality as their sighted peers.
  • Report a broken Web site wizard to report Web sites that are not working in Firefox.
  • Better support for Mac OS X (10.2 and greater) including profile migration from Safari and Mac Internet Explorer.
  • New support for Web Standards including SVG, CSS 2 and CSS 3, and JavaScript 1.6.
  • Many security enhancements.
  • List of notable bug fixes since Firefox 1.5 Beta 2

AS3.0 Snippets

This Snippet allows you to embed fonts into a Flash AS3.0 Package. The original code was posted here .


import flash.util.describeType;
import flash.display.MovieClip;
import flash.display.TextField;
import flash.text.TextFormat;
import flash.text.AntiAliasType;

public class Test extends MovieClip

// be sure this is pointing to a ttf font in your hardrive
[Embed(source=”C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\somefont.ttf”, fontFamily=”foo”)]
public var bar:String;

public function Test()

var format:TextFormat= new TextFormat();
format.font= “foo”;
format.color= 0xFFFFFF;
format.size= 130;

var label:TextField= new TextField();
label.embedFonts= true;
label.autoSize= TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
label.antiAliasType= AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;
label.defaultTextFormat= format;
label.text= “Hello World!”;

Something Cheeesay This Way Comes

Many moons ago, when flash was still young, and this user was in University. Well some days at any rate. I owned a domain. That domain was the focus of a lot of time and frustration. But it was my bit of the net, and I loved it.

During all the kafuffle of the Dot.Com boom I moved flat a couple of times and some where along the line I missed the renewal window on that domain. As a result a nasty search engine swooped down and snuck my domain away from me.

Ten Years on I have that domain back. Evidently the hits I was getting back then, for my flash tutorials, Generator ranting and general young pompish flash behaviour, had died to a trickle of the former glory and so my domain was no longer the prime real estate that search engines like.

And now some how that domain name seems even more appropriate.

Ten years on, let the cheese flow strong.

‘Cos we’re going back.

Back to the OLDSKOOLFLASH !!

Flash 8 Development

The Fist thing was to transfer my early light site ( into Flash 8. The site was originally produced using 90% code with a few classes and obviously the Bitmaps.
Using the new Bitmap capabilities in Flash 8 and some of the filters i was able to drop the processing requirements of the site and also the file size. Not to mention that now the whole Shebang is Code generated, with the exception of the loaded bitmaps of course. Flash 8 version

The next job was to provide a photo gallery that would show the loaded background images from the site in a more user friendly format, (thanks to Sean for the prompt). Again the whole lot is Code generated, so nice and small on the file size and driven by XML, so easy to update.

Flash 8 Photo Gallery

Once I have tidied up the source i will post the classes.