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The Dark Art of the XPathAPI

I’ve personally been using the XPathApi in flash for a little while. I don’t remember how I came across it initially, but I do know that I use it in almost every project I have worked on lately. However it has been bought to my attention by a colleague that not everyone has fallen across this most handy of classes. Below is information and links to help you get the most out of the XPathApi class in flash.

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Further Flash Development for PSP

So over the long weekend I spent some more time plugging away on the PSP version of my portfolio site. And despite my best efforts I have stumbled on an issue that continues to upset the PSP version of the flash player�s limited memory.

First a little background to the site. The first version of the site was a journey into a completely code generated flash movie. That is to say, every possible aspect would be generated using ActionScript 2. The rational being to learn some more about the Draw API and also get clarify the ideas of OOP and MVC that i had heard so much about all over the web, but had yet to apply to flash properly. That first development has also offered a great focus for development in terms of learning Flash 8 and more recently both Flash 9 or Action Script 3 and now this latest version for the PSP version of the flash player.

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Ford Fusion Multilingual Flash Micro Site

Shortly after working on the Ford S-Max micro site, I was involved in a second Multilingual Flash Micro Site for ford. This one is an update for the Ford Fusion and the first Market to launch the site is the Czech Republic.

The site make uses a similar XML driven content system to the Ford S-Max Site. It also makes use of the LoadQueueManager class (I Apologise for the lack of support on the code base for the Load Queue Manager, but I have been extremely busy).

The site is due to be rolled out across Europe in a similar spread of languages to the For S-max site.

A direct link to the Ford Fusion Refresh site is here.
Or if you wan to see it in the popup as it was intended, you can see it here. Just click on the Blue link on the Right hand side of the main image.

New Image Collections

I have uploaded and updated my flash 8 photo gallery with three new collections. The first is themed around the many images of flowers i have taken. The second is a rather smaller collection of surf focused images. The final collection is themed with sunsets.

Cheesy, definately, but I happen think they look damb nice.

With time these three collection will grow I hope.

The update is simply a test of some changes to the Flash 8 gallery that allows me to simply specify an XML data source that holds the collection or gallery details.

You can veiw the galleries from these links

These links can also be seen on the Photos section of my blog.

Land Rover Go Beyond – Flash 8 Community Site

After a brief break to test my new surf board I arrived back in London to trawl the in box of its usual detritus of spam and try and find the emails that I actually need. In amongst them was the news that a project I have had the great pleasure to be involved in had gone live.

Land Rover Go Beyond

This is the first phase of a flash 8 project that will be pushing some serious technology about. At the moment I cant say much about what will be happening in the future but it should be fun, both for us developers and also the users as the project expands.

It was during my time on this acorn of a site that I encountered the Text Wrapping ‘issue’ described here.

Another fun things to deal with was the lack of bitmap smoothing in flash 8. Thankfully I had stumbled on Tinic Uro’s solution to that little gem which can be found here.

On top of those things I finally had an opportunity to make proper use of CSS in flash for something other than my own mundane CV. Even though this is a small taste of the main application the foundations are certainly strong.

Congratulation to everyone else involved.

Update to Photo Gallery

I have added a small update to the Flash 8 photo gallery I produced. This allows me to specify the XML data source i wish the gallery to load from.

In addition I have done a small amount of tidying up on the server in the build up to categorising some of my photographs, and adding ‘album’ style functionality to the photo gallery application.

And finally in the sorting out, I also uploaded a few new images I found. Its slow progress but I gots to work you know.

Remember the Photo Gallery is a flash 8 file.

Basic Default Gallery

Costa Rica Photos Gallery

For those that missed my previous post, the source code for the photo gallery is here

Flash 8 Photo gallery AS

The photo gallery I produced in flash 8 is a simple experiment in flash AS 2 classes, inheritance and event modelling. The current gallery loads its information from an XML file, this XML file is currently rather large as it contains extraneous information intended for other presentation files.

The XML parsing is handled using the AS 2 XPath API Classes.

[as]import mx.xpath.XPathAPI;[/as]

This implementation uses only the flash 8 filters really but the plan is to actually hop, skip, and jump the future development straight into the AS3 frame work and class structure.

The code below is the AS classes that control the presentation as it currently stands, please excuse the lack of commenting these files are provided ‘As Is’.

the example presentation can be seen here

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