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Flash on the Beach 07 Presentation Files

FOTB 07. What can I say. Incredible. First off let me say a very big thank you to John Davey. John did a great job, I can only guess the amount of organization involved in Flash on the beach, the speaker list and session line up were brilliant, and the shwag was top draw, both for attendees and speakers. It was a pleasure and an honor to have the chance to be involved in a presenting capacity. Thank you for inviting me John.

At the event I presented a session that discussed the issues of Localisation, and to a lesser extent my new love, Mobilisation. This was my first time presenting at a larger event like this. Certainly I was nervous, and I am sure that there were tell tale cracks in my voice a few times as I went through my slides. As I got in to the flow of the presentation I think I settled in a little.

I did have a slight issue with timing, which meant I rushed the last few slides, unfortunately, as a result I had to drop one of the examples. It also meant that I missed the opportunity to ask questions of the people that attended if they had any. So my apologies there.

Any way below is the link to my speakers notes, and also the examples from my session on Localisation.

Flash on the Beach 07 Localisation Presentation Files

On a related note I have uploaded to Flickr a few of the images my little lomo camera captured of the event. You can see them over on my Flickr stream

Landrover Go Beyond, Phase 2 Launched

Wunderman Interactive have just launched the second phase to the Land Rover Go Beyond site. The site offers user generated input to the content base and utilises a lot of Flash 8 features, with the back end being controlled through Flash Remoting. The challenges on such a flexible project are immense, it was a pleasure to be involved. Congratulations to everyone who touched the project. I imagine there have been a number of late nights in Camden recently 😀

Flash Localization – Managing Text & Fonts pt.1

I have had a number of emails, messenger texts, and comment’s on my blog, asking for further information from my presentation notes on localizing flash. Localizing flash has such a wide scope of information, when I prepared my presentation I did take the ‘data blast’ approach of delivery.

I had a good idea the area(s) that people might like more in depth information, but I also wanted to take into account some broader work flow and process issues that I feel really need to be discussed. In this post I would like to present some more detailed information regarding one of the slides I used at the LFPUG presentation that, as expected, has generated a lot of feed back.

Managing Text & Fonts

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Notes On Localizing Flash

So it’s the day after my presentation on Flash Localization. I was quite happy with how things panned out, given I had been a presentation virgin prior to last night. The presentation didn’t hurt nearly as much as I was afraid of. At least it didn’t hurt me :D.

Thanks to AKQA for the venue, support, beer and pizza, very nice it was to. Thanks also to Tink for the opportunity to break my cherry, so to speak. And finally thanks to every one that came along to listen to me gibbering on. It must be said this is a subject I have come to build a love-hate relationship with over the many years I have spent in the field. I love the challenge of working to localise the content. I hate the fact that Flash makes even some of the most mundane solutions or Ideas a HUGE Challenge. It would seem I am not alone in this.

In addition to nattering on myself, I also received some useful information as well, which was great. So thanks for correcting my terminology of Polish as a Cyrillic based Language. Apparently it’s an Extended European language, which would account for me having issues with that one. 😀

Something I didn’t do last night was to show any code. This was due to operating on a Mac (thanks again Tink) and not being confident enough in my app switching on the alien technology. Below are some snippets I made reference to.

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Ford Multilingual Micro Site

So I have been pretty busy of late with development of a simple Ford Micro Site. This is certainly one of the most interesting projects i have been able to work on in a while, and I have to say seems to be showing a trend towards flexible, yet visually strong multilingual sites.
Previously i had noticed that if a Flash site or presentation was required in multiple languages then the likelihood was that the creative would be paired down. The main thinking in this seemed to be a direct result of font issues, and also some of the limitations with regard to non-embedded text.

The Ford SAV site will be presented in 16 languages. The content and structure is stored and managed via external XML documents. All images and audio are managed via the xml along with limited control over the colours and ‘skin’ elements such as the background tints and locations.
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