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A little rocky on re-entry….

Last night I finally got round to updating my word press install to 2.1.1 . The aim was to get the WordPress Embedded Gallery 2 plugin set up and working (which i eventually managed to do here). In the past this operation has always gone smoothly, my options being to use the auto-magic update button from the instant install interface. Or if i am feeling a little braver, the manual option. I followed all the usual procedures bar one…….

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New Image Collections

I have uploaded and updated my flash 8 photo gallery with three new collections. The first is themed around the many images of flowers i have taken. The second is a rather smaller collection of surf focused images. The final collection is themed with sunsets.

Cheesy, definately, but I happen think they look damb nice.

With time these three collection will grow I hope.

The update is simply a test of some changes to the Flash 8 gallery that allows me to simply specify an XML data source that holds the collection or gallery details.

You can veiw the galleries from these links

These links can also be seen on the Photos section of my blog.

Welcome to the Cribbar…

Over here in blighty (England if you will) we tend to get a bit of a rough deal when it comes to waves. When the waves are ok, the weather sux, and when the weather is ok, you can bet your bottom dollar that the waves will suck.

Enter the cribbar. This surf ‘event’ happens once, maybe twice a year. When it works it brings some stellar waves to our shores.

Yeah the weather still sucks, Nah I’ll probably never ride it. For a couple of hours English surfers get to dream of big wave riding. Queue the pics.

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Images of Costa Rica pt.1

There are some things that hold a beauty that is so natural, innate and simple that once you encounter them you know it will affect you for all time.

Once you have been privileged enough to see and experience even some of the hidden wonder, you are left wondering if there is anything more that can make you as happy as the moment you become aware of what it is you have been allowed to share.

Pura Vida.

A variety of Photos from Costa Rica are after the split. In addition I have produced a Flash 8 photo gallery of these images and some additional photos from Costa Rica. The Flash 8 Photo Gallery can be seen here

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Shots of the Spots pt.3

And no trip would have been complete without some time on Praia do Amado. This time the waves on Amado started pretty small but by Sunday they were growing quite nicely. If it weren’t for the on-shore winds i think there would have been some darn fine waves to play in.

I had some good waves out on the right side of the bay this time. The main peak in the centre of the beach proved a little to full on for the pop-out and I. With the pushing tides, and the on shore wind it seemed to fare worse from the closing out of the waves.

Shots of the Spots pt.2

Friday and Saturday bought a third new break, this again a beach break right in the centre of a huge stretch of beach. There were two peaks that we went out into.

First was to the left of the rocks dead bang opposite where we pitched up in the 4×4. This was the more forgiving of the peaks with a good mix of left and right breakers. We only surfed here for the morning of Friday as the tides came in.

After lunch on Friday and all of Saturday was spent on the right of the rocks, in a much stronger and hollowed wave. Friday afternoon brought some of my best waves in small clean barrelling waves.

By Saturday I was a broken man, both from the surf, but mostly from the excesses of the Friday night barbecue. Mother Nature did a fine job of letting me know I was in no fit state for the growing swell on the Saturday.

Shots of the Spots pt.1

On the second day of training we visited a Left hand point break. The first pick here is actually taken from some distance away from the break on a cliff top, the same point that i took the pictures on my phone.

The others were taken at the break. The beach offered a nice Right hand at one end of the beach, a little beach break in the centre of the bay, and then a left hand break on the left of the beach over some rocks.

This was a double first for me, surfing over rocks, and at a point break. Not only that the constant left hand meant huge amounts of practice on my backside take-offs and turns.

Ponta Ruiva

Ponta Ruiva

Ponta Ruiva

Ponta Ruiva

Wave one of the Waves

While I hunt for the required cables and other assorted paraphernalia to post some of the many, many photos of the various secret spots, waves, sunsets, long faces and drunken parties of the holiday here are a few snaps that I have to hand on my mobile. I have to say for a phone the pictures that come out of this puppy still amaze me.

These were taken on a stop off on the way to a different beach that I will post later on. We didn’t manage to surf this beach in actual fact but the view was incredible all the way along the cost. The journey to some of these places was an experience in itslef; I can vouch first hand to the durability of the Landraover Defender TD5. A very impressive vehicle and ideal surfari ride.

Q the pics.

Surfing and surfing

Well it’s the first day back in the really real world after an amazing week. As every one can see the mobile blogging while away surfing thing ran into some ‘issues’. I will try and document my experience of these later in full but in short there seems to be an incompatibility issue between surfing in glorious sunshine and texting photos from a phone on the beach. It seems you simply can’t do the latter while enjoying the former. Go figure.