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Flex Solutions, the book: Essential Techniques for Flex 2 and Flex 3 Developers

Following the post by Marco Casario a couple of weeks ago, I was filled with similar excitement. In no way can I claim any of the glory that Marco certainly deserves. But In some small way I am equally as proud to have been Technical Reviewer (thorn in Marco’s side :p ) for his book Flex 2 Solutions: Essential Techniques for Flex Developers, Released by Freinds of Ed.

Marco has put a monumental amount of work into this book. Believe me the 900 hundred or more pages that you read are a slim account of the gargantuan task Marco undertook in documenting the extent of the Flex Application Framework.

I can honestly say I it was fantastic to read the original work. The thing that I found even more incredible as I inflicted my nit picking is that this huge technical resource was produced by Marco in English, not his native Italian. I know i would not be up to the task. Congratulations Marco.

Google introduces Worldwide Caching Proxy. Sort Of.

Last week Google launched the new Gadget Ad, these seem to be some pretty 2.0 ad deliveries. Allowing a kind of cross between RIA/Widget that users can have installed on their iGoogle page. Google are offering an caching proxy, presumably this will allow more geographically relevant delivery of the ads that are produced. Speeding up the delivery time. The interesting thing is that is seems to be completely open at the moment.

I ran a quick check to see what I was able to access, bearing in mind I have provided no other personal information, and it all and sure enough no problems with my header image.


I would assume this proxy could be put to use for any of the media that is supported by the Gadget Ad Format. Which of course includes Flash Files.

More information can be found over at the google gadget ads help pages

So there you go Google Content Delivery Network, ideal for speeding up your RIA, semi connected AIR applications or how about your mobile application? It seems like a workable CDN solution, for now at least.

AirPress. Desktop video blogging comes to WordPress thanks to Adobe AIR

The Weblog Tools site has a link to an AIR application aimed at blog authors, its called AirPress. AirPress seems to offer similar functionality to other blogging tools I have seen such as the ScribeFire add-on (used to be called Performancing) for FireFox. The major interesting addition in AirPress is the inclusion of webcam support to allow authors to publish FLV formatted video to there WordPress blog. AirPress still seems to be in an early stage (betr) but could be worth keeping an eye on.

Rather amusingly “AirPress requires Adobe AIR beta (Download Adobe AIR)”. Thats a Beta that needs a Beta to run. Beta2