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British Airways Ban Surfboards

I have just read over at magicseaweed.com that as of November 6th this year British airways have decided they will no longer carry certain sporting equipment for their passengers.

Most worrying for my self, and I imagine a number of friends will be the inclusion of surf boards on the list of banned equipment.

Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Due to the large size and handling complexities, some sporting equipment cannot be accommodated through the airport baggage system or within the aircraft hold. Therefore we no longer accept the following equipment at check-in as part of your sporting equipment allowance.

  • hang gliders
  • windsurfing boards and sails
  • surfboards
  • kayaks or canoes
  • pole vaults
  • javelins

Any surfer will tell you carrying boards is a difficult and worrying process at best. The wait at any airport collection waiting to see if your pride and joy made the journey in one piece is never a nice one. However, surfing in great waves on your own equipment is the best feeling you will have.

The flip side is that if you decide to buy boards at your destination to use, you may well get so attached to them you want to bring them back, something I have done myself.

It is worrying to think that if other airlines were to follow British Airways lead then neither of these choices would be an option. In some cases that may mean waves just are not available. Without a way to transport equipment they might simply be off limits.

If you want to voice your concerns over this, head on over to the British Airways contact form and let them know.

Link to British Airways Contact Form

via: magicseaweed.com and British Airways Information