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Sneak Peak of WordPress 2.5 available for download

Anyone looking in the WordPress dashboard today will see the news that there is a sneak peak of the WordPress 2.5 Release Candidate 1 availible. From the dashboard comments this new version of WordPress will feature.

A customizable dashboard, multi-file upload, built-in galleries, one-click plugin upgrades, tag management, built-in Gravatars, full text feeds, and faster load times

If you are interested in giving the release candidate a test run, probably in a test environment I would think at this stage, You can download WordPress 2.5 here.

Fix for TanTan Flickr & Reports Plugin on WordPress 2.3

Earlier this week WordPress 2.3 was released, and I was quick to upgrade. However it seems two of the plug ins I use on my blog had problems with the new version of WordPress. Both Plug ins were produced by tantannoodles.com / silaspartners.com

Flickr Photo Album for WordPress This needed a line commented out and replaced with an alternative. in the file:


Make the following update around line 15.

//changed since WP2.3

Likewise TanTans Google Analytics and Feedburner reports required a similar update. It to referenced the wp-admin/admin-db.php file that has been removed in WordPress 2.3.

in the file:


Make the following update around line 14.

//changed since WP2.3

These 2 fixes have been mentioned in other locations but I needed to dig through comments to find them on the TanTan Reports Page and also on the TanTan Flickr Forum Page.

AirPress. Desktop video blogging comes to WordPress thanks to Adobe AIR

The Weblog Tools site has a link to an AIR application aimed at blog authors, its called AirPress. AirPress seems to offer similar functionality to other blogging tools I have seen such as the ScribeFire add-on (used to be called Performancing) for FireFox. The major interesting addition in AirPress is the inclusion of webcam support to allow authors to publish FLV formatted video to there WordPress blog. AirPress still seems to be in an early stage (betr) but could be worth keeping an eye on.

Rather amusingly “AirPress requires Adobe AIR beta (Download Adobe AIR)”. Thats a Beta that needs a Beta to run. Beta2