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iPod Dreams
my IPod drowns me in the sounds I chose to hear
The love I’ve lost, the pain I miss
Her smile is etched between my mind and eye
I miss the rain
I miss the wind
Yet Still I face down metal beasts at speed.
I cross the road
And flee into the safety of a world I do not hear.
Paranoid of the tunes my heart still plays for her.

Fijian waves
Blues richer than gold laced with a diamond edge.
The giant ocean stands tall, then bows.
Embracing the fierce teeth of the reef.
Her silken placid face envelopes me.

Future Dreams
I stand again on sun bleached shores
Amidst the roar of pristine waves
I feel pounding on my chest
A quickening of my heart
Ventured forth to face the past
I had a sense of what to do
My body tense, my mind a whirl
I feel the depth she holds
Realise how little I’ve seen or known
But I’ve shared the currents felt her warmth
Have stared upon her perfect face
A flash of fear, and wrench of wanting
No strength remains to keep from being drawn
I turn away and let her tides withdraw
The perfect face the unknown journey
A dream to hold and carry on
My perfect memories remain future dreams
Of things that might have been

The Journey
The twist, turns, loops and bumps
A path well travelled and worn with passing
Each hill and trough
They shield, obscure, and hide the final show
Sun rising at our backs
A simple nod or lean to me
Excitement builds
Electric tension wrings us closer
And just as all seems lost
Between the double backs and switches
A great crescendo
We spiral, and rise, the journeys source
The journey brings us back
Unto the place we want to be.
Embraced and held, released with the rush,
Awash amid the heat I feel when I’m within her.

Crystal Tears
Building fractured dreams
From distant stars of stolen glances
Freeze frame moments
Fading into darkness
Of the nights
We no longer share
Eager to be pulled
Once more into the whirlpool
The whirlpool of her eyes
That hide the thoughts.
That lye within her.

Tortured Circles
A simple message, a final journey
Born out from depths of fragile hearts
The words are torn and laid to rest
As bleak a face upon the scene
Like weathered cliffs left naked
They greet first light of this year’s spring

The frosts long gone, fresh blooms will come
Still the sun comes blazing through
It warms the last remaining ice
Slipping silent into the sea
To form the clean crisp wave
That sends us on to beaches new

The Beautiful Puzzle
You, the empty grid I dare not fill.
Impossibly closed, yet too tempting not to want to read.
The almanac of safety that endangers my heart
A whirlpool of feeling that tears me apart.
You complete my waking hours.
A lens into the dark of missing chance.
No happiness to know, and not to hold.
No fun to hold and not to have.
The destroyer of all sense and time.
Still despite all this.
You are the maker of waking dreams, sleepless nights.
And the holder of my heart till all faith wanes.

Awakening Me
The music starts before the day
Wakes me gently sends me on my way.
The roar of water and shifting sands.
Within her fringes and dregs of waves I am found.
I stand a simple humble form.
Pushed and pounded, battled, bruised.
The strength within my adult frame,
Humbled by the pristine children of her waves.
I’m broken, fatigued, to weak to move.

Then in all the fights and rolls,
She picks me out, raises me up.
Throws me high upon her back and takes me beach ward.
Lifted, loaded, moved and landed.
She brings forth smiles and raging laughs.
From aching toes to pounding head.
Unto her waves, all time and heart are lost, forlorn.
Like distanced, parted, time split lovers.
For s my Praia Amodo.
Until we’re next together, I morn.

Breathlessness of waves
Sun glinting slowly above the hills
Her eyes so wide and clear and bright.
Lashes laden with golden gems.
Dew drops formed from early waves.
A Gentle winds that lift her face.
And then a smile that lights a fires of rainbows.

Weakness of Need
The sun that rises on the orchid
The orchid arches to trace its touch
Faces the light
Ignores the threats
Its colours blaze
I melt like frost about its stem
Eager for one more embrace

Failing I
I think and process, all too clear.
I know to give and yet I fear,
Her thoughts and fears still elude me
I think and process no longer clear.
I want to give, yet still I fear.

A butterfly at rest upon the grass
Its wings they flex beneath the light of sun
The colours flick and fade and pass.
Some missed, some blaze.
Some catch they eye and in the mind they last.

**Under Development **

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